Customer Testimonials

Another Fruitful success: Jonathan Fryza

As a Management Consultant and former Banker, you’d think Jonathan Fryza and his wife Ruth, a Risk Manager at RBS, with over 50 years’ experience between them, would be able invest wisely.

“We were already heavily exposed to equities and ‘traditional’ pension investments,” Jonathan explains, “and wanted to benefit from efficient long-term gearing and capital growth in property. We wanted our money to work as hard as we do! But we just didn’t have the time to do this on our own. It was only when we found Fruitful that we were confident to get involved in buy to let.”

They have now bought six properties in different locations in and around London through Fruitful, including one next to the new Woolwich Arsenal DLR station, as well as properties in Crawley and Ebbsfleet near Dartford. All have completed successfully and have been let out exactly on plan.

“From the start,” Jonathan says, “Fruitful really took the time to understand our objectives and develop a relationship. They’ve become our trusted partner in property investment. But they’re not just nice people – their sourcing strategy makes a lot of sense, their investment research was well laid-out and the financial spreadsheets were very clear and realistic. We only wish we’d started years ago, but without Fruitful’s help we would never have had the time. They do it all for you.”

Jonathan has since introduced several friends and colleagues to Fruitful’s services. “Fruitful are a real people-based business. If you are thinking about investing you may want to go to one of their regular networking events, meet real investors and check this is for real. That’s what we did and we’ve never looked back!”

Jonathan Fryza

Another Fruitful success: Nick Kendall

Fruitful investor, Nick Kendall is on course to reach his personal equity target from his existing properties by 2014, ultimately giving him financial freedom. Here’s how he did it...

“My investment plans started as pub talk, really,” says Nick, “but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Fruitful in 2004 that I got involved.” As a busy City IT consultant, Nick had little time to spare to find suitable properties, and so was pleasantly surprised to find that Fruitful did it all for him.

“Fruitful’s research investment pack was helpful and the financial spreadsheet was well laid out with realistic figures and forecasts,” Nick says. These first properties completed and let out exactly as planned, leading Nick and his partner to look at other Fruitful investment options.

Nick has gone on to invest in a further eight buy to let properties with Fruitful, in locations including Canterbury, Gravesend and Swansea Marina. “Without Fruitful’s thorough background research and straight-up approach, we wouldn’t have had time to make as much money through property. So if you’re thinking about your financial future, I suggest you go to one of Fruitful’s regular networking evenings (called "Fruitful talks"). You probably want to know that this offer is for real, and so want to meet real people already working with Fruitful. Well, this is your chance.”

Nick Kendall

Another Fruitful success: Adam Davis

“I recently completed on a renovation project property purchase with them. Found them helpful, available to speak and good with dealing with all parties involved. I would recommend using them.

I found them pleasant to deal with. I’d say as a firm they are forward in pushing the deal through which helped speed things up, but they were certainly not aggressive. From my experience, there is no such thing as a “no money down” type deal anymore – you get what you pay for and Fruitful delivered a fantastic yield and negotiated a price that meant I was comfortable with the future capital growth prospects.”

Adam Davis, Freelance property developer.

Adam Davis

Another Fruitful success: Paul Hilliard

“I have being buying (property) leads from Fruitful since 2009 - I have yet to purchase a dud from them.- currently on deal number 9. Their reservation fees tend to be based on values. All of the deal costs (legal’s, financing, brokers, etc) are detailed prior to any financial commitment so you can calculate your returns.  

I did my due diligence on the company priorto my first deal; I have been able to speak with the Directors whenever the need arose, and have found that even when the friendly loveable surveyors have down valued (only once) that you can sensibly discuss issues. I have not yet done a deal that has gone belly up - all deals have been concluded and proved a success! Ask their advice where required or if uncertainty arises. All of their staff with whom I deal are professional and they do take time to understand your specific requirements. As in all deals - do your own due diligence! Not always the cheapest deal in the marketplace but what do you get if you penny pinch?  Ask yourself - what is the opportunity cost of their deals? How much does it cost to find other property deals in terms of not only money but also time!  

I value their advice on the deals I have done and would not hesitate in recommending their services. I have been around the Property marketplace for a very long time, been mentored by some of the leading lights, studied with others and networked with the vast majority of property gurus.  If you want to test out their services then ask for Ulas - my preferred sales contact at Fruitful - very professional, very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and above all HONEST! Tell him Paul sent you and you will receive the same excellent service that I have received for nearly two years now – Ulas and Nick (the Director) have been my contacts in all of my deals.  Certainly not a fly-by-night company!”

Paul Hilliard, MBA, Business Owner

Paul Hilliard

Another Fruitful success: Martin Spare

“We (my family) have completed several investment property purchases through Fruitful, and have always found the team to be knowledgeable and friendly. We have been working with them since 2009 when we were introduced by another investor. We are always looking for ways to invest and diversify our risks; Fruitful’s property recommendations always have high yields and substantial in-built equity through their aggressive buying. They consistently find genuine deals that we would never get onto the open market. The service is excellent and we hope to do several more deals with them in the future.”

Martin Spare, Finance Director, SRM Industries

Martin Spare

Another Fruitful success: Scott Wise

“I have bought 4 investment properties through Fruitful starting in 2012. I am always looking for low hassle, low maintenance property investments that will get my money working as hard as I am. Fruitful’s high yield, ex-bank repossession stock fits my strategy. They are pro-active and the Directors are easily accessible to help ensure the inevitable challenges in buying and managing property are addressed as quickly as possible. I anticipate doing further property investments with Fruitful as I seek to build my investments for the long term.”

Scott Wise, Communications company. 

Scott Wise

Another Fruitful success: Tony Relf

“Having worked with Fruitful to purchase 3 separate ex-bank repossession properties,  I have been very pleased with the purchases, all of which have been let to professional tenants quickly.  Two of the properties are in the southwest where other brokers have not been able to obtain meaningful discounts or anything like the same rental yields.  Fruitful always work hard to make sure that deals complete quickly and efficiently.

I have also recommended several friends to Fruitful, some of which have also bought investment properties to get their money working and beat the bank’s dismal saving rates.”

Tony Relf, Sales & Marketing Manager.

Tony Relf

Another Fruitful success: Shelton

“Since 2010, Fruitful have helped me buy five post-repossession investment houses close to London. I am very busy growing my company and would never have had the time to find these off-market deals without their expertise. Their due diligence, straight-up approach to business and conscientious approach is very refreshing and has certainly helped me with my residential property investment plans.”

Shelton from London.


Another Fruitful success: Philip Groves

“I have been very happy with the properties which Fruitful brought to me attention as good long-term investment opportunities; four of which I bought for buy to let purposes over the past four years (since 2009). When I did my own independent research, I found that the valuation and rental returns which Fruitful estimated for each property I examined were accurate. The information Fruitful provided was also very clear and informative and told me exactly what I needed to know to judge the financial value in each deal.

In addition, Fruitful took the time to meet me and discuss my own situation in greater detail as well as putting me in contact with other reliable property professionals. The back office team was also first rate and I would like to thank them for their help and support during the purchase process. I would recommend Fruitful to the serious buy to let investor and hope to do further business with them in the future.”

Philip Groves, Ofcom Policy Leader

Philip Groves

Another Fruitful success: Jas Dhariwal

“My wife and I have worked with Fruitful for a number of years now. Their exclusive, high yield properties are a key part of our pension investment plans. We have found them to be direct, realistic and reliable - the perfect qualities you need in a business partner - Jas & Raj”

Jas Dhariwal, Executive Coach & Management Consultant

Jas Dhariwal

Another Fruitful success: Jamil Qureshi

“If property is an important part of your medium or long term investment strategy, I would not hesitate to recommend Fruitful. Having bought several properties through their informative and knowledgeable consultants, I am delighted with the outstanding quality of advice and their unrivalled ability to locate the best and most relevant deals. They are getting me over 15% cash on cash returns at the moment just from rental profits – unbeatable.”

Jamil Qureshi, Director JQED

Jamil Qureshi

Another Fruitful success: Justin S

“I have bought 6 investment, buy-to-let properties through Fruitful in the last year (starting in 2012). They form a key part of my financial plan to generate a future pension income through property. Fruitful’s deals are genuinely off-market with high yields and in-built equity that are key to me. Their reliable and straight-up approach to business is refreshing and I am happy to endorse their service.”

Justin S - London, MD, Barclays Capital

Justin S

Another Fruitful success: Chris Robinson

“Over the past few year we have purchased many properties through Fruitful Property and were delighted at how easy they are to do business with.  They introduced me to properties that meet my investment criteria and were fantastic deals.  Once you push the button on a deal, they diligently work behind the scene to make everything go like clockwork …. An amazing service and outstanding investments!”

Chris Robinson, Group CEO, Response Group of Companies

Chris Robinson
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