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High Yield Repossessed Houses For Sale as Investment Property

Ever since the housing market crash, people have stayed away from investment property under the false assumption that there is no longer good money to be made. However, nothing could be further from the truth. With lending opportunities somewhat limited and plenty of people still facing foreclosure, investment property is as strong as it has ever been.

At Fruitful Properties, we believe in the dynamic potential of investing in residential property. That's why we work so hard to find our clients repossessed properties that they can put to work on a buy-to-let basis. Our clients know that the right portfolio of properties, managed in the right way, can yield results far better than just about any other investment. They are building portfolios that will only increase in value as time goes on – portfolios consisting of high-yield repossessed houses sourced through us.

Keys to Successful Property Investing

We believe there are two keys to successful property investing: high-yield properties and good locations. We help our clients concentrate on both for maximum return on investment.

Where high-yield properties are concerned, we leave no stone unturned in our search for the best off-market homes at discounted prices. When we present clients with investment opportunities, they know we've done our homework. Many of the properties we offer start generating profit through equity the moment the transaction is finalised.

Where location is concerned, the investment made must be in proportion to rental rates in a given location. Pay too high a price against too low a rental yield, and your investment does not do much good. We source properties in locations where rental rates will maximise yield.

Why Repossessed Houses

Investors can choose just about any type of property they want, and many do. However, repossessed houses are especially lucrative because of their potential. In many cases, banks are just trying to get the houses off their books and have been unsuccessful in doing so. This offers investors the opportunity to get discounted prices unavailable on the retail market.

After the purchase, a little bit of remodelling prepares a home to be put on the rental market very quickly. In a short amount of time, these properties can be generating excellent rental income that will continue for decades. Repossessed houses offer one of the best rates of return when chosen carefully.

Time to Invest

Property investment has long been considered a necessary part of a stable and diversified investment portfolio. Residential property may see price reductions from time to time, but over the long haul, property values continue to rise. For a long-term investment strategy, there is no better vehicle than real estate.

Whether you are a brand-new investor or you have been at it a while, buy-to-let properties should be part of your portfolio. Fruitful Properties is here to assist you in finding the best investments on the market. We've been successfully doing so for our clients for years; we would love the opportunity to do so for you as well.


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Seaford, BN25

Fruitful price: £275,000

Open market value: £320,000

Fruitful discount: £45,000

more details

Northamptonshire, NN11

Fruitful price: £130,350

Open market value: £165,000

Fruitful discount: £34,650

more details

Cardiff, CF23

Fruitful price: £246,000

Open market value: £320,000

Fruitful discount: £74,000

more details
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Pall Mall L3

Fruitful price: £115,000

Open market value: £135,000

Fruitful discount: £20,000

more details

Cutlers Court S3

Fruitful price: £80,000

Open market value: £97,500

Fruitful discount: £17,500

more details

Ciac TS2

Fruitful price: £47,000

Open market value: £62,000

Fruitful discount: £15,000

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Newcastle NE15

Fruitful price: £65,000

Open market value: £85,000

Fruitful discount: £20,000

more details

Thornton FY5

Fruitful price: £75,000

Open market value: £95,000

Fruitful discount: £20,000

more details

North Shields NE29

Fruitful price: £120,000

Open market value: £160,000

Fruitful discount: £40,000

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What we do

Based in London, Fruitful is a boutique property investment agency working exclusively for YOU, the buyer and not sellers.

We find off-market, commercial & residential property deals (often repossessed) in London and other urban locations in England & Wales with large discounts and high rental yields that you would not otherwise even see.

This means that you get to hand pick property with immediate equity and high rental yields.

If you choose to buy with a mortgage, you will make 15% annual cash return on your money*.

We’re sure you’ll agree this beats the bank as well as most other investments…that’s even before you benefit from any capital growth longer term.

Six steps to hassle-free, property investing with Fruitful

  1. Benefit from our hard work, expertise and investment:

    Fruitful invest over £30,000 every month to source and research unique, off-market property deals that you would never otherwise even see. We use our bright mix of financial skills, market insight and exclusive relationships built up over 7 years to “hand-pick” the best UK investment properties – be they, Buy-to-let/ Investment grade, Repossessed or Development/ renovation property opportunities.

  2. Efficiently refine your investment criteria:

    A dedicated Fruitful Investment Consultant will advise you on the latest property market trends and quickly guide you, as necessary, to the best property type(s) to meet your investment objectives. We encourage investors to visit our London offices for one-to-one meetings or are happy to have phone discussions followed up by email.

  3. Make an informed investment decision:

    Fruitful provide you with a straight up property assessment, along with analysis of the pros and cons of that investment. You can then efficiently x-check every deal to ensure you are making an informed investment decision.

  4. Reserve with confidence and complete efficiently:

    Due to our thorough research and hard work, Fruitful have an unrivalled 89% transaction completion rate on reserved properties (all fees and deposits are protected by contract in the very unlikely event of a property sale falling through). Our dedicated progression team will help ensure your purchase completes typically within 3 to 6 weeks, making the process as hassle-free as possible for you.

  5. Free, post-sale support to ensure your investment bears fruit:

    Fruitful’s progression team share our property management expertise and contacts on-going with you free of charge. Our whole business is based on fruitful relationships, repeat investor buying and referrals which is why we will happily go the extra mile.

  6. Review your financial progress and repeat step 3-6:

    Fruitful’s progression team share our property management expertise and contacts on-going with you free of charge. Our whole business in based on fruitful relationships, repeat investor buying and referrals which is why we will happily go the extra mile.

What Next

“Since 2010, Fruitful have helped me buy five post-repossession investment houses close to London. I am very busy growing my company and would never have had the time to find these…


“If property is an important part of your medium or long term investment strategy, I would not hesitate to recommend Fruitful. Having bought several properties through their informative…

Jamil Qureshi
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Take advantage of our know how
The people behind Fruitful Property

We are seasoned property investors and developers with a combined 30 years expertise.

Gain knowledge and take advantage of our long standing relationships and get access to exciting property investments.

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facts and figures

Fruitful established in 2006


Our Directors have been successfully helping investors buy UK property for over a decade. Fruitful was established in 2006. Our client relationships have thrived both pre and post the 2008 “credit-crunch” due to our financially astute thinking and straight up approach to property.

Ombudsman’s code of practice


Fruitful are proud of our ethical approach to business and subscribe to the Property Ombudsman’s code of practice to give you peace of mind in the strategically important financial transactions we will help you with.

89% sale completion success rate

Fruitful achieve a very high, 89% completion rate on all reserved transactions due to our hard work and due diligence. Our reliable delivery helps us secure exclusive access to the best deals. Property industry completion rates are typically around 55%.

£400,000 Invested sourcing properties PA

We invest over £400k annually in our unique property sourcing system to research, source and underwrite our hand-picked investment properties that never get to open market.

900+ very successful clients

Fruitful have successfully enabled over 900 UK property investment transactions. This means we have deep practical expertise and relevant experience in all aspects of UK property acquisition and asset management. Our typical investor client has bought 3 properties with our help so far and we grow exclusively by referral. 

Get 15% return on your money v’s 8% on traditional buy-to-let

Fruitful’s investor clients earn an immediate 15% annual “cash on cash” return just from the rent profit on the property deals we negotiate for you, typically, when buying with a mortgage. When you factor in the longer term capital growth potential and equity the returns are into 100’s of percent over a decade or so.

15% return compared to 2.5% on savings accounts and ISA’s

Average return from savings accounts, ISA’s and traditional pensions is below 3% annually at the moment. This means that money invested in this way is not even keeping up with inflation currently.

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We find you discounted, off market property deals.

Are your investments working as hard as possible?

Earn 15% annual return on your money with off-market bank repossessions.

Access off-market, high yield investment properties.

Act now. Profit from a recovering UK property market.

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